CFT Engine School

Water On The Fire Conference this August 28-30 on Pensacola Beach. Three Days of Hose and Nozzles. Understanding all types of hoses and nozzles. Hose and Nozzle Evaluations beyond the parking lot. We will have all types and sizes of hose to compare how they match up with different nozzles. We will also do the kitty pool test and take understanding the BIG 3 to a new level with understanding it’s more than just Flow. There will be at least six different speakers on Day 1 & 2 with Day 3 being fully outside FLOWING WATER!! The Uktimate Class on moving water and all the options that surround it. If you are an Engine Geek you do not want to miss this.
Rooms starting at under $150 a night on Pensacola Beach. We have most of the Engine Instructors from Brass Tacks Seasons I & II.

Cost is $350 for all three days and this includes Free Shuttle from Pensacola Airport.

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