CFT Officer Development 2018

3 Days of Leadership & Tactics
Pensacola Beach, Florida
February 6-8, 2018
Held at Hampton Inn on Pensacola Beach “Free Parking”
Rooms $85 a night at Hampton Inn with Free Breakfast. Social Networking each night.

Lead Instructors:  Curt Isakson & Shannon Stone
Less than ten spots left for the $150 Price
Regular Price $250 & $350 starting January 1st.
Certificate Issued for Completion
All New Program with Command & Control of Fires 🔥 on top of Leadership from Experience.

Topics: Fireground LODDs, Understanding Tactical Risk & Tactical Gains, Officer Leadership, Command & Control of the First Alarm, Nuggets from the Right Seat, Lesson Learned from Curt Isakson & Shannon Stones journey in the fire service. Building Confidence in your TEAM, Company and Multi-Company Training.

Tactics Put Out Fires and Tactical Leadership enhances SOLID FIREGROUND TACTICS!

Only 50 Seats in this 3 Day program.



Photo by: JJ Cassetta

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