P A S S I O N “Commitment”

IMG_1929 Who/What created your passion? Who/What motivates you? What/Who made you want to be a firefighter? Who molded you to be who you are today? Why do you go that extra step? Why do work so hard to provide for your family? Why didn’t you give up on your realationship? I lost my Dad a year ago and I think about him every single day. I think about what he said and didn’t say. See my Dad taugt me more through his actions and silence than most do through talking. I always knew I looked up to my Dad and he inspired me to give it a 100%. He didn’t realize it, but I always wanted to impress him, make him proud, show him that I could be a good person. My Dad loved Life, Loved This Country and REALLY LOVED PEOPLE. He taught me to not judge others and form my own opinion. He taught me that if it feels wrong that it is wrong. My Dad was ALWAYS there by my side TO give me that silent direction. Im trying so hard to be half what he was to my kids. Be a parent and/or a Mentor is work that takes serious COMMITMENT!!!!

I AM FULLY COMMITTED TO BEING THE BEST DAD I CAN BE and then the Best Firefighter I can be. See the Fire Service is important, but not more important than your FAMILY and making the most of those years that your kids still live in your house. Love the Fire Department, but LOVE JESUS AND YOUR FAMILY FIRST!!

That is Commitment to Priorities.

Thanks-Curt Isakson