2.5″ vs 3″ as Attack Line

2.5″ vs 3″ as Attack Line. 3″ is designed & intended as a supply line. Either rig to rig, hydrant to rig, or to supply a master stream device. Anything larger than a 2.5″ is just not a good idea as an Attack Line to move into a building. It’s nearly 30lbs more per 50′ section and much harder to bend. View the photos below where the firefighters hand has a nice grip on the yellow 2.5″, but not so much on the green 3″. The firefighter can easily pick up the yellow 2.5″ with one hand, but a very noticeable difference when grabbing the green 3″ with the same hand. Short video showing the difference.
2.5″ is for ATTACK!
3″ is for SUPPLY!


2.5″ Should be Fun!


Look at size. Yellow is 2.5″ & Green is 3″