Gallons Per Second! Punch it in the Throat!!

Gallons Per Second is what we should be focused on and not GPM. If you’re FLOWING enough water to truly overwhelm the BTUs, then it is only SECONDS until you will see a RAPID change in conditions. Gallons Per Second is what is needed to provide the best Chance for THEM!!! The Back bedroom of trailer in above video was FULLY SURVIABLE. Temperature was never over 100 with light smoke based on door was closed and fire had self vented rapidly.

Five Gallon Bucket on a Cigarette.

My Favorite saying

You Can Dry SHIT OUT, But You Can’t Unburnt IT!!! FLOW WATER!!!

Photo provided by: JJ Casetta

One Firefighter can STRETCH & FLOW a 2.5″ with no problem. When FLOWING a 2.5″, you should be FLOWING between 4-6 Gallons a Second.

Photo Credit: JJ Cassetta

It’s Worth The Risk!

Tactics Put Out FIRES!!

Curt Isakson

2 thoughts on “Gallons Per Second! Punch it in the Throat!!

  1. I applaud and agree wholeheartedly with your presentation here. I complement the Engine Company crew for deploying a larger line and quickly controlling the fire. Overpowering the fire is critical to our operations and our safety. Alas, I suspect that consideration is not the primary criteria for handline selection at the majority of our fire scenes.

    Personnel today are selecting lines that were designated when the apparatus specifications were drawn. We seemingly have lost the ability to “make up” the appropriate handling for the situation if it is not already preconnected and loaded in a bed.

    My other concern centers around the flow rate of our inch and three quarter lines. I wonder if todays fires are not exceeding the application rate capacity of these lines. But much like our favorite chair in the TV room, these are routinely the lines that are deployed first.
    The use of two and a half inch lines is viewed as a commercial attack line. The building that the fire is in, is less of a consideration than the size of the fire at the time of our arrival. “Big Fire… Big Water”

    Again I applaud your promotion of the Gallons per Second concept. I have told firefighters for years, “Thirty second from the time you open the nozzle, something should change.” “If it doesn’t then you need to. Change the pattern, change the aim, change something till the fire reacts.”
    Keep up the good work.

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