Blitz Attack “Hit It Hard, Hit it Fast, & Back it Up!”

50 Foot of 2.5″ Flowing 5 Gallons a Second on a FULLY INVOLVED garage extending into house and spreading through the attic. Two other 1.75″ in photo being stretched to move in after the GPS get a knock. Notice the Firefighter has his nozzle & 50′ coupling ready to move in as soon as the 2.5″ shuts down. We should be stretching more lines at today’s F I R E S!!



JJ Cassetta Photo


3 thoughts on “Blitz Attack “Hit It Hard, Hit it Fast, & Back it Up!”

  1. Based on what we have seen here and other sites, plus our own experience, this is now a standard in our play book

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  3. Getting departments to accept the concept of using the 2 1/2″ line for initial attack has been, in my experience as a fire instructor a very, very tough nut to crack. The members will come up with a boat load of excuses why they can’t use the 2 1/2″ line as an offensive tool and it can become very difficult to explain away some of the myths and misconceptions that are in the minds of firefighters. In my experience, the use of a large-flow line to knock