Rapidly Changing Fire Conditions “Dallas Experience”

One Story Ranch with add on in the rear. This is one of those fires where the nozzle must go first and we must have a 2nd Line at the door. These are very common in Northwest Florida. I have had some close calls with these type houses and add ons. I remember one particular fire where the back windows failed and the wind was from the charlie side like Firefighter Patterson refers to at his fire, where he got burned. We just got lucky the night we had ours and the add on and held up.  We only get lucky so many times, so training and remembering it can happen to us is critical for continued growth/experience.  Great Interview and thanks to Dallas for posting this on youtube. Thanks to Bill Carey/Firefighternation for posting.

The photo below to some may seem sissified or not aggressive, but I think it’s smart to keep you/us from getting burned. The photo below shows the 2nd Line flowing overhead as the First Moves in with purpose. I was at Firehouse World in San Diego the last 5 Days and while talking to other firefighters from around the country, seems more and more close calls with Rapidly Changing Fire Conditions. You Can Dry Stuff Out, But You Can’t Unburn it. Stretch the Line, Call For Water, Get a Good Flow Pressure while watering the grass. Then PUSH IN! Always remembering to consider the door and keeping it closed until you’re ready for Entry. A Coordinated Fire Attack is more important today than ever before. Water Application before ventilation/allowing fuel to receive O2 is Critical. The Days of going ahead of a nozzle team are just about over. Going opposite the nozzle team is different than going ahead of. Let the Nozzle Team Push in, do it’s job and use the line as a reference tool and confidence to aggressively SEARCH.