The 90 Degree vs the 360 Killer/Kink

Stretching the Initial Attack Handline is BASIC but so critical. We don’t force a day at every fire but should be stretching a line  . We should really stretch at almost all structural responses, to take advantage of the obstacles presented in the streets. We must perfect the Stretch. The basic  accordion type layout gives numerous advantages that will assist at most any building fire. Video 1 is the basic  accordion off a triple layer load. Video 2 at the bottom is a loop type method and kinda like the the loops from the Cleveland load. These type loops can and will cause a MAJOR KINK. I refer to it as the 360 Killer because it creates a 360 kink/loop that is triple what a regular 90 kink will do. Listen close as I describe why the no kink before can cause even more problems while making the push. Keep it Simple!

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