CFT Fire School on Pensacola Beach

County Fire Tactics “School”
Lead Instructor: Curt Isakson

May 2-4, 2017 on Pensacola Beach

Advanced Forcible Entry “Real Doors that Crush” and all types of through the Lock.
Ladders for Life! Civilian & Firefighter Lives
Attack Line Operations & Weapon Selection
Saw Operations
RIT & Survival Techniques

This 3 day training will consist of 1 day of lecture followed by 2 days of hands-on. The training will cover anything from the single story ranch houses to multifamily dwellings. The lecture will cover how to determine Strategy based on your tactical ability. The hands-on component will cover Engine and Truck Company Operations to include the First Alarm Assignment for most Structural Fires. Whether it is a two person Engine or a Cross manned Truck Company; the basics of tactics must be covered.



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