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In 2018 we’ll have been posting The Secret List for 20 years. In honor of that, you will see no changes. While necessary change is good, there is also so much unnecessary change in the world these days, so we figure that we won’t.

Fire still a problem? Have you seen this morning headlines in Oakland? It’s going to be a horrible ending in Oakland for the victims, families and the Oakland Firefighters who did their absolute best. How about Akron, Ohio this morning? 2 kids-2 adults dead. Tennessee this week? They are still searching for bodies. And today-the anniversary of the Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse Fire taking the lives of 9 Firefighters.
The so called “Perfect Fire”

FIRE is still very much a problem. And there are those-(most often for greed)-that deny the fire problem or pretend there isn’t a fire problem. Google the word “fire” in the news anytime as a reminder. Anytime.

If you have been getting The Secret List for more than a year or so, you know we have taken on folks (home builder associations, for example) who try to convince everyone and their brother and sister (diversity) about why…
Here is just one example:

We even got into a pissi…I mean a sprinklering contest where they asked if MY home was sprinklered. It wasn’t-because my subdivision homebuilder made it impossible to install them in 1995. BUT check into sprinklering your home in 2017. Retro or whatever. There ARE solutions when we want them-my family is in 50% sprinklered homes now and we are working on the rest for 2017. Be it traditional residential sprinklers or something like this: or even this very basic system:
We have an obligation to set the examples-and protect our own.

So whats the latest on UN-sprinklered homes?


To us as Firefighters, the obvious is what we know-residential fire sprinkler systems knock the fire and reduces all that’s associated with fire-quickly. As the says “It’s The Fastest Water.” Firefighters know that. But these days, SCIENCE and DATA helps us go beyond “what we know”…or think we know. And in this case….Canadian researchers have quantified the exorbitant, economic loss associated with residential fires in homes without fire sprinklers.

Conducted by the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Ontario, the study has placed a (Canadian) dollar amount on potential years of lives lost and cost of fire deaths at home. Over a 14-year period:
==there was a collective loss of 24,051 years of life due to fire
==the study concluded that these lives that were shortened or lost from fire cost the Canadian economy $7.6 billion Canadian ($5.6 billion U.S.).
==the average cost to treat a burn patient averaged $85,000 Canadian ($64,000 U.S.)

The first phase of Sunnybrook’s study analyzed the cost of treating patients injured from home fires, placing treatment costs at $96 million Canadian ($71 million U.S.). When all resources were accounted for–including rehabilitation, transportation, and property loss–that number swelled to $3.6 billion Canadian ($2.2 billion U.S.)

It’s a big deal. But don’t take it from us, take a minute and read the below information from the NFPA …it is well worth your time and further helps us advocate a proven solution to unnecessary fires, and the horrific unnecessary loss of life.


Prayers For Oakland, Akron & Tennessee This Morning.
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