RIP Chief Negedly


You will be dearly missed but never forgotten. I will always remember your instruction on how to do jumping jacks properly. You had such great form and as a Chief the highest level of uniform standards. Thank You for beimg such a Great friend. You truly were a Mentor. The Fire Service loved you and I Loved You. I’m not really sure about next week. I just keep thinking about how excited I was that you and JJ were going to share the King Suite. Was going to be a huge savings with Fire Floor laughs. I was already excepting the tutorial on the top floor of the hilton in proper jumping jack technique. HROC 2016 will be all about remembering you my friend and the good times. I will cherish every dinner, every laugh, & save all the pictures. You were someone very special. I felt special that you were my friend.


3 thoughts on “RIP Chief Negedly

  1. Well written. What a loss. Really no words.

    I hope you find peace in his memory.