Objective Leadership????

Shared From 850 Fireman

Atlanta Chief gets fired…

When you have a virtual living legend within your ranks, with many years of engaged experience of street & book knowledge, and a nationally renown teacher, what do you do with them?…apparently you fire them…

Staffers see fit to remove Chief Rhodes from duty for no apparent reason. The good Chiefs that truly LEAD from the front seem to be targets these days!

Do the CHIEFS realize that leaders like this one with his knowledge and experience are irreplaceable?! Chief Rhodes has something called pedigree. Pedigree demands respect. Pedigree lends itself to credibility. Pedigree is born of experience DOING THE JOB…Pedigree counts!


Don’t be intimidated by ones accomplishments use them to better the organization. When you stifle these types of leaders the entire organization loses…Atlanta Firefighters have lost a really good one. Have a quick read of this mans accomplishments. Anybody need a good CHIEF?….

“David Rhodes is a 30-year fire service veteran. He is a chief elder for the Georgia Smoke Diver Program, a member of the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) Executive Advisory Board, a hands-on training coordinator for FDIC, an editorial advisor for Fire Engineering and the UL Fire Safety Research Institute, and adjunct instructor for the Georgia Fire Academy. He is a Type III incident commander for the Georgia Emergency Management Agency-Metro Atlanta All Hazards Incident Management Team and is a task force leader for the Georgia Search and Rescue Team. He is president of Rhodes Consultants, Inc., which provides public safety training, consulting, and promotional assessment centers”

…Yet city of ATL sees fit to relieve this caliber of leader from duty…don’t get it man…

Keep your head up CHIEF RHODES! We the men and women of the 850 have YOUR back!

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