Smoke is a Fuel

Smoke is Fuel and when this Fuel is superheated in a closed up structure, it needs O2. So be ready when forcing entry or opening up horizontally to provide the equalizer.

Water is the Equalizer that keeps Heat, Fuel, & O2 mixing together.

Water on the Fire!! Smoke is ONE STEP from being FIRE. So FLOW WATER ON SMOKE!!

Fires HYPERVENTILATE TODAY because of todays fuel loads and not the building. Yesterday’s Buildings have the same fire as tomorrow’s buildings in relation to live fuel load. So it’s the FUEL that is the problem and how we allow this fuel to combine with heat and oxygen. So take the heat away with GALLONS PER SECOND before the Fuel & Heat combine with oxygen.

Buildings were yesterday’s enemy. Oxygen is tomorrow’s ENEMY. The Fireground is changing and how we ventilated in the 80s and kept the nozzle closed until we observed the orange stuff will not provide a good outcome tomorrow.

Death On The Nozzle is real. The answer is still going inside but understanding today’s fire-growth and how to KILL IT!

Look at the center top of photo. It shows a orange glow from the rear. This tells us the interior is superheated and primed to lite off. Size-Up is critical.

Photo Credit. JJ Cassetta


Smoke is a Gas. Gas is a Fuel & when this fuel is superheated it will Flash when mixed properly. 

Equalize it with WATER!

4 thoughts on “Smoke is a Fuel

  1. So, why stay just in front of it without SCBA? I think we did it so many times without any fear but, it was very dangerous, i admit it. Stay safe!

    • Totally Agee. The Chief in photo is me. I ran up to tell them to flow water and push slowly. Did not breath the first whiff of smoke. I am a huge fan of Air is Free & all personnel should wear gear. Thanks for caring and keep training to go inside and do our job, the Best Job!

      • Way to man-up and take it on the chin Chief! WE ALL make mistakes, we just don’t all own’em.

  2. Let me be clear, i never wanted to blame the chief. I just wanted to remind us tu put our SCBA. And yes, i did the same mistake, so much time.

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