Get Off The ROOF!!! “It’s Dangerous!”

Please Do Not Get on any ROOF without proper training and supervision. Supervision by an experienced Fire Officer who knows when and when not to be on a roof. Roof Operations  require proper training, experience, and staffing that allows enough firefighters do the other tactics that have a higher priority. If you have not cut a roof on an acquired structure or roof prop, than do not get on a roof with active fire beneath it. I personally require all firefighters to be breathing air while operating on the roof. I also require that conditions allow for firefighters to be beneath the roof/ceiling, so if you were to fall through, there is an on deck company ready to assist. Please do not miss read this post. It is very short and is strictly to bring focus on roof operations and that this tactic can be beneficial on the fireground. It is not as dangerous as some want us to think it is. Yes, if your understaffed and not properly trained; it could be very dange