Setting Up For Success “Apparatus Placement”

Every INCH  counts when positioning a Full Alarm Assignment. Engines can stretch more line. Ladders are limited and do not stretch. Set up for the worst case scenario. Engines should double past when dealing with town houses, row house, etc.. This leaves room for another engine  if it were to arrive before the ladder and also gives you redundancy for safer engine operations. This will also give additional tank water while the hydrant is being tapped. When dealing with large houses and/or multiple dwellings, try and place an engine on the hydrant for maximum water supply. This engine will be your BANKER and have control of available water. The BANKER can feed multiple supply lines to multiple apparatus. The first arriving ladder should consider the second ladder and different capabilities between the first and second arriving ladder. Is it a stick or tower? Is the first one longer or shorter? Ladders are not all created equal, nor is the driver. Ladders/Towers have different outrigger spans. Getting three engines, two trucks, and a command SUV in position can be like parking for the Blue Angels Air Show on Pensacola Beach. Every inch counts!! Think before pulling the air brake.

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