20 thoughts on “Liberal Fire Attack

  1. Great stuff Curt. I’m not sure if I like being called a Liberal but I couldn’t agree with you more. That’s all that we are asking. Take the information, evaluate it, make a decision, and do the right thing. There should NEVER be absolutes in the fire service. The dynamic nature of our profession is what’ keeps most of us into the job or “Keeping fire in your life”.

    • Yeah….not sure about the name either (should’ve used Libertarian since they’re more in the middle of everything)….but it’s still great stuff! You should consider editing and better audio! It’s a terrific message

  2. Curt, excellent! very well stated! I too write something will be posted tonight after reading Ray’s blog and some of the comments! You just said everything that has been spinning in my head the last 16 hours! Thank you!