Experience Matters!!


A new study states that experienced firefighters more analytical under stress than novices The study found that experienced firefighters had a better understanding of the consequences of a bad decision and therefore felt more stressed.

Are you thinking “duh?”

Well-sometimes it takes a STUDY to show us what we already know, or think we know. Sometimes it takes FACT to help us demonstrate to those making the staffing and fiscal decisions of WHY we need, for example, experienced officers leading inexperienced firefighters. Why reduction of staffing, placing company officers in command roles (vs being company officers and staying with their company), placing inexperienced firefighters in “the front seat” and other short cuts” can end up leaving inexperienced firefighters facing critical decisions—decisions they have no experience or ability to make. Firefighters have absolutely been critically injured or killed in the Line of Duty due to the absence of solid, seasoned, trained and experienced officers and senior firefighters. Sometimes that is known as setting people up for failure. Sometimes. READ ON:


What are your thoughts on Acting Officers and everybody just moving up when someone takes off? How important is Staffing? How important is it to comply with NFPA 1710 or going from an IRIT to RIT?

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