Little Drops Of Water & Application of Water


So when is it a good idea to use a Fog Attack or a Combination Attack? When should we set our Fog Nozzle on a fog pattern? When Should we set our Fog/combination nozzle on straight stream? Do we push fire and if so; when? Does the setting of the nozzle effect te ability to push fire? Is there ever a time we would want to push fire? When is it ok to apply water from the outside? BE BRAVE and post your thoughts. Share your opinion for all to see. Check Out sign up for email notification of New Post at bottom of Home Page.

6 thoughts on “Little Drops Of Water & Application of Water

  1. Do fire streams “push” fire? According to the science? No, the fog entrains air and creates a pressure that pushes the gasses and smoke. Fine, but isn’t the res