The Two and Half Inch Attack Line “The Deuce & Half”


What’s the difference between the two set-ups? Is your department open to stretching & Flowing the 2.5″ attack line first due, with only a three person crew? Will your FD allow stretching & Flowing a 2.5″ off tank water?


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    • Stretch the 2 1/2″ at a commercial fire, apartment or multi-family structure. That said the 2 1/2″ should not be fed off small booster tank of water, as it will not allow for enough water to do anything. The 1 3/4″ line is for the single family structure.

  1. Why not at residential if you have a large body of fire? I would can knock down a ton of fire fast then maybe pull 1.75 to go clean up inside

  2. In the pic, fog tip vs. smooth bore tip. With crew of three, and stretching the 2.5″, I’ll take the smooth bore – less nozzle reaction/discharge pressure, greater flow, etc.

    Our department is open to stretching and flowing the 2.5″ first due, though it rarely happens. Many are still caught up in the hype that a 2.5″ can’t be effectively managed by a small crew, despite personal experience during drills and the numerous videos demonstrating it. If it’s a commercial worker, large structure, or heavy fire, I’m going 2.5″, even with tank water.

    While it’ll only last you a few minutes, depending on tank size, the 2.5″ should still be a viable option off of tank water (while the DE’s securing a supply). I look at it this way…if it won’t go out with the 2.5″ off of tank water, then how can we expect to with an 1.75″ off of the same tank water? Might as well quickly throw everything you’ve got at it, rather than pretending with something you know isn’t going to work. Fires respond to gallons per minute, not minutes per gallon.

  3. The one on the left looks cool, the one on the right is a working 2 1/2. If you are an Engine Company you should be able to stretch 2 1/2 unless you don’t have it. If it’s on the engine you better be able to use it.

  4. Was reading the new Urban FF today, and found some thoughts on how Detroit uses tank water on their box assignments. It mentioned how on dwellings with heavy fire, the 2nd and 3rd in engines often use their deck guns to quickly dump their tank on the fire while 1st in is making the handline stretch.

  5. smooth bore all the way. get rid of the crappy pistol gripped fog nozzles. I know first hand that a 3 man crew CAN EFFECTIVELY deploy/use/advance a 2 1/2. I learned the proper way from the instructors at FDIC, and I routinely incorporate 2 1/2 during training at the firehouse. Most of our guys are now great with 2 1/2 , as a result of the FDIC insructors. Train on the 2 1/2 and it will save your ass.

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