What Size Attack Line?

When do you stretch a 2.5″ over a 1.75″ attack line? Do you ever stretch a 2.5″ on a house? Do you ever take a 2.5″ in a house? Do you think two 1.75″ are better than one 2.5″? When do you think it’s a mistake to stretch a 2.5″? Are you one of those that’s worried about running out of water? How do you determine the 2.5″ over the 1.75″?

7 thoughts on “What Size Attack Line?

  1. I have 2 1/2 stretched based on occupancy type, building construction not particulary volume of fire. In this fire two 1 3/4 would be better than 1 2 1/2. This should be a 1 1 3/4 tank water fire here. It is a mistake to stretch 2 1/2 when you have not trained your crew to use ADULT lines. If you are not worrying about running out of water you are asking to be the next reason we line up in long lines and dress our best.