5 thoughts on “Two Person Tactics “Two Man Companies”

  1. Secure your own water, Make a stand with a handline( preferably 2.5 with SB tip) at the door way (depending on the tactics)to hold until more manpower. D/O gets the truck hooked up & in pump and assists the stretch & backs up the nozzle. Outside attack with limited entry. It’s gonna be tough!

  2. Lay in so you have the water you need, stretch the line to the first landing and knock down as much as you can. Once that floor is darkened down move to the top landing and get it knocked. It already vented itself so hopefully that will help with visibility. DJ mentioned stretching the 2.5 with a SB. The only reason I wouldn’t want to pull the big line in this situation is the lack of manpower, and having to advance up the stairs and through the structure. My opinion would be that two firefighters will be much more effective with an 1.75 as they move around the structure. As mentioned above, its gonna be a butt kicker!

      • If occupied or presumbly so officer will conduct quick primary search. Meanwhile D/O pulls a 1.75 line sb, puts truck in pump, charges line and begins extinguishment. Should hold fire in check till further companies arrive.

  3. Do a search with a line, then once it’s cleared let it burn down and let the commissioners take the heat for not employing enough fireman to do a effective job. Then let them knee-jerk react and pray they hire 2 more to bring it to a 4 man company.

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