3 thoughts on “Annual Attack Certification

  1. Wow…Bravo Ray, you have hit the proverbial line drive to the gap once again! We do spend lots of time training in pieces…I remember when we were able to train with live fire in an acquired structure just about every other month or so…now NFPA 1402/1403 has come along and made it a little more difficult and “safer”…training in a metal box versus a single-family wooden is not comparable…the smoke, the attitude of the fire, the physiological and psychological responses and the overall atmosphere are just a few of the attributes that every Fireman should be able to recognize, control and mitigate just on a personal level…propane props and hay bales will never replace the mattress and/or couch that was set ablaze and we were able to watch an actual progression of the fire…please understand I do relailze that several LODD’s have come from bumbling idiots that wanted the “probies” to really feel what is was like back in the day however, they lost focus on what was important and caused injury or death…I agree with some sort of annual fire attack cert, but in this day and age (especially with ECFR) the manpower and lack of crew integrity it is almost impossible to conduct a drill/certifiaction test to accurately replicate a crew’s tactics…and by integrity I mean all members working together on a regular basis…I feel we put the a lot of focus on how to get out, activate your PASS and all that training is highly beneficial however, when we learn how to put the wet stuff on the red stuff we may find ourselves in a little better environment and may not have to utilize those