The UnBurned Side!! Is that where we take it??

When does the Second Line not back up the first? Photo by: Dave Dubowski

The Initial Attack Line can Saves Lives or it can seriously burn and injury Civilians/Firefighters a like. There has been so much debate on where to take the Initial Attack Line when the fire is in the front portion of a structure. The Fire Service continues to send mixed messages to our New Recruits/Future Fire Officers. We must continue to learn, but also be open to what is really the best way to rapidly knock down fire and gain control of the inside. The inside is where the trapped occupants may be and it is also the best way to save the interior from destruction of Fire/Smoke. We cannot search and extinguish interior rooms from the outside. Firefighters are still making rescues daily in this country and extinguishing a large number of FIRES without incident. Yes!! We should size-up and evaluate each incident with the understanding of our DUTY.

Why not start keeping numbers on how many civilians are successfully rescued from structural fires without incident. The Fire Service seems to have become so negative and focused only on the BAD OUTCOMES. How about the extraordinary Rescues that are made and keep firefighters motivated to train for the ultimate rescue. I have seen a lot more civilian saves “from the interior of working fires”  than I have seen LODDs. I study all Fire Ground LODDs to learn from them and not repeat history. But, also we must continue to move forward and do what this great occupation has been doing for a long time. SAVE LIVES and Property!!!!

39 thoughts on “The UnBurned Side!! Is that where we take it??

  1. The first line’s job is always to get between the advancing fire and the rest of the structure. There are circumstances which a direct attack will have a faster and better result. Having said that it has to be aggressive and not a fog pattern whup it around attack. If you going to have to advance through extreme clutter and are going to get jammed up there by letting the fire flash/roll over you then a direct attack would benefit. Can this attack drive the fire, yes and if done lazily it will. You have to hit hard and with extreme prejudice against the fire. Hit it like it smacked your mother. Burned side attacks should be the rariety not the norm.