3 thoughts on “When should we be masked up on the roof?

  1. My opinion is to mask up anytime you go on a roof. Your up there for a reason… to let hot gasses vent, when that happens hot “stuff” comes out of the vent hole you should have a mask on just in case, do you need to be on air the whole time no, use a little common sense. I guess common sense happens to not be so common any more.

  2. I was standing right behind JD when that operation was occuring. The crew on the roof completed an effective trench cut in a rapid but controlled manner. This operation is an example of the kind of roof top operation where you need to be on air to complete the task due to the smoke being pumped out of the interior. But even if your venting a roof without the smoke hitting you in the face, conditions change rapidly. Locking into your air supply takes a second with a gloved hand as long as your mask is already on. If you had to mask up while on the roof, lots of stuff has to be done to make that happen. And when lots of stuff has to be done, more room for bad stuff to happen occurs. Mask up before going on the roof. Lock into your air as necessary.