6 thoughts on “What does/can a WINDOW AC unit do for us?

  1. KEEP US FROM GETTING OUT! Remove it with the window. Or pull it in, if its a high window one may use it as a step to bail. Or pull it in on the floor to mark the window.

  2. Good for RIT or vent team to remove and possibly use as step for entry. Could have been the cause too (overloaded power strip). Also, when Company Officer does 360 with his tool, vent the fire room (if not done) and that could be considered part of the full vent process.

  3. The “window shaker” can give us a clue to an occupied room. VES or interior search crews should take extra care to check these rooms as they are more likly to be occupied than rooms without the extra creature comforts.
    When removing units from the outside, pull them out so as not to land on a citzen trapped below the window.

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