5 thoughts on “How can this help? Why do all RIGS not have this?

  1. Driver can charge and make one trip to the top of the rig to aim. Also if the master stream is on the ground you wont loose water while charging a possible long lay. Can be shut down and repositioned at the device.

    • This allows the driver to control the flow of water. The reason why not all rigs have this is MONEY!!!! the excuse is always the amount of money it cost.

  2. Agreed. Another great idea, but the lack of companies using their deck guns for attack or just period will inevitably make it hard to change minds of some “old” goats….” why do thayat? works just fine as it yis whooooyooo git it” (that’s a southern accent)

    Common sense is sometimes hard to come by!

  3. This can be a great asset for 3man companies upon arrival of heavy fire…”bulldog” it with the deck gun through a large opening if possible while deploying a line…could make the fire a little more manageable until bkup arrives…whenever that could be…be wise with your water or be worried without it…

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