Car Fires “They do Explode”

Photo By: Steve Clark Car Fires can be very dangerous!! WHY DO FIREFIGHTERS underestimate them? Why do we not always breath air?

Check this video out! Cars do explode sometimes. We should always be breathing air. It’s FREE.

7 thoughts on “Car Fires “They do Explode”

  1. Escambia has had numerous cars that were well involved, start up and lundge forward while burning. Always stay clear of front and rear. Newer vehicles are more prone to exploding and dropping there fuel load. Fuel tanks of today are plastic and will spill out and become running fuel fire. Should always have extinguisher available.

  2. Car fires are one of the most underestimated fires we respond to. People carry all kinds of things in their cars and have numerous homegrown upgrades with radios and such so we never know what we are going to find. I responded to a car fire started by a guy cooking meth in the passenger seat. Talk about unexpected. We need to always be masked up, upwind, and uphill from these fires. They can kill us too.