5 thoughts on “Flanking Attack

  1. Flanking coordinated attack under strict command and control only. Rural service does exterior knock down all the time with great success but we must hit it fast and hard with the appropriate lines! Sometimes a dash from the outside will temporarily slow the process and allow you to stretch without more fire advancement(see Europe)…sometimes

  2. If there is an extended stretch up stairs or something like that needed then the hydrant/irons man can use an exterior stream to knock fire down before the initial interior attack crew makes entry to slow the intial fire spread while they are getting the interior line in place.

  3. Never forget your exposures for a vantage point on the attack. Multi-Story houses in close proximity can be used to get lines in operation during a defensive operation where your protecting exposures. This way you can work on extinguishing original fire and line is already in the exposure for protection.

  4. exterior attacks were the norm a few years ago in this county…ok nearly 15yrs ago…I l first learned the term “donkey d**king” while volleying at Brent…open the bale, stick it into he window and whip around and up and down…good idea right…if your a lobster! A straight/solid stream into the upper atmosphere for a few seconds into the burning room will afford you a few more seconds to stretch into the dwelling…you may delay or even prevent flashover with this tactic…as always, utilize your training, experience and operational sense when employing this tactic…as long as water gets on fire or “black fire” you save your crew from facing RCFC while stretching throughout…”power cones” are for LP tanks, not interior attack…btw TFT have no business on a fire engine IMO…they look good, but that’s about it…sorry I think I may have gotten off the subject of flanking…flanking may be a standard tactic of the near future if our housing trends continue the way they are…single family dwellings turning into multi-family dwellings and becoming more compartmentalized with shoddy construction and making rooms from nothing…fire showing from two separate locations with different locations of access…does that make sense? Flanking…it’s what’s for dinner…

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