9 thoughts on “Do Smoothbore nozzles work? Big Water Works!

  1. YES…SB works well. Here is the question I’m gonna throw out there. This pertains to 1 3/4 attack lines only. With the recent developments over the last 5-7 years, we now have low friction loss hose (PONS) & low pressure high GPM nozzles. This was not the norm a decade ago & many departments, mine being one of them, utilized SB 1 3/4 hand lines mainly because we could almost double the GPM. Among several advantages SB has over fogs, obviously GPM extinguishes BTU’s the greatest one in my mind, it was a no brainer to use SB hand lines although very uncommon a decade ago here in the panhandle. HOWEVER, now with the low pressure, high GPM fog nozzles, we can get the same amount of GPM yet have a much greater ability to control the nozzle stream. Now I must go on the record and say I’m a SB guy so I had to be convinced to go back to fog nozzle as the primary 1 3/4 attack line. SO….the first thing we did was compare the reach and to my surpirse, they reach was the same! Yes, the same….no difference. So we looked at the “Break over” point….and again the same! The only distinct difference we could come up with is the SB stream is more tightly packed likely resulting in better penetration upon fire attack. So to get to the point, what do the experienced firefighters & officers think about FOG (new nozzles) vs SB attack lines for 1 3/4??? Just curious what the feedback will be. Saty safe!

    • I would say that the reach comparison conducted was an incomplete one. The distinct diffrence that you came up with (that being the more tightly packed stream from the SB) should be the defining factor when considering an 800 degree enviornment. Will the water droplets even reach the fire or turn into steam with a fog nozzle? In this enviornment, the solid stream will have greater reach and penetration.The fog nozzles have come a long way but have yet to duplicate a solid stream. And thats not even considering the disruption of the thermal layer with fog nozzles. Just my half a cents worth of info..