3 thoughts on “What’s in the garage?

  1. Great photo of the garage that has been converted into “Who knows what?” Meth Lab, mother in law sweet, more storage for crap that people collect? Be prepared for anything. Another danger to be aware of is what is in the attic above the garage. The amount of weight of all the “stuff” that the average home has stored above the garage plus the weight of the average garage door that is hanging above your head, is more than enough to create a collapse scenario especially when you factor in any flame impingement on support members. This area is likely to collapse much sooner than any other part of residential structure.
    Please see Google video of : George Carlin’s “Stuff”; you’ll understand

  2. This garage had two sets of bunkbeds and was sleeping four kids with a heavy fire load. This was a working fire on the b/c corner with smoke thru-out. The garage was a pretty good size room to search. When faced with this on-arrival consider the back door for this area of the house. Escambia has alot of converted garages. As, the LT. said, large load in attic that usually remains after conversion.

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