6 thoughts on “How do you carry your radio?

  1. Under the gear everytime…took a bit to get used to but wouldn’t have it any other way now!

  2. Since im an Engineer and am stuck at the pump panel 9/10 times i wear it over my gear. Have to get used to wearing it under the gear. Something i will play around with in training.

  3. I usually had it over my gear but after spending a short time with ECFR I will only wear it under my gear it actually works better and is way more comfortable but i guess its personal preference!

  4. Under the coat. Protects mic cord and strap from entanglement. Setting your radio just under the bottom of your coat also protects radio from water/debris. Also keeps your radio from swinging around while operating

  5. We had a standing order in my department that it was worn under the coat….no choices, thats the way you had to do it. Without question, it works great that way when worn correctly. However, my department just went to the SLURS 800 radios & now we have to carry them outside of our gear becasue the damn things are so prone to malfuction, jump channels, not get out & are complicated as hell to operate (changinh channels banks ect.). Moral of the story….dont EVER go the SLURS!

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