5 thoughts on “The Fan

  1. We’ve used positive pressure attack several times with pretty good results. I think the fan has much more benefits then just after the fire is out. I think there are some very strict parameters that must be met before using the fan in the attack however. It seems that we have used it on bread and butter kitchen and bedroom fires where we know the fires location and we also have a controlled and coordinated exit point close to the fire. It seems when people say that PPA dosent work they show some video where all the rules were broken, or the training wasnt there to recognize when NOT to use the fan. We have also used the fan for exposure protection. Weve used it with great sucess on attached garage fires where the entry team fought the fire from the inside of the home into the garage. Again just like many other tactics and tools….it has its place.

  2. Ahhh the fan…it should only come off the engine AFTER the fire is OUT…to insure that some knucklehead doesn’t crank it up and think he is helping the situation…the fan, in this Fireman’s opinion, should not be utilized during an attack UNLESS the exact location and extent of the fire is known to ALL on the fireground, a handline is operating sucessfully, location of the suppression crew is noted and a RIT is readily deployable…until freelancing ceases to exist and manpower is at a guaranteed number of personnel on the firegrounnd who have sufficiently trained on these types of operations the fan on attack should be a last resort…horizontal ventialtion is still effective to this day…the fan is a great tool but so is somebody who operates it in an unsafe manner…

  3. Poor tactic for fire attack. To many negative variables; 1. Rapid disruption of thermal layering 2. You are creating a wind driven fire condition 3. Increasing the velocity of additional air enyrapment into the fire plume, more O2.
    4. Unknown where voids exist in the fire room/rooms and structure . Unknown if victim may be in the fan fire flow path . 5. Effectively shuts down radio communication anywhere near the fan. 6. Additionall CO added to building with gas fan. 7. Mechinal failure of fan. 8. Using a mechanical device to control a force of nature . 9. Development of fad or trend fire tactics leads to a cure all attitude and application.

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