Chief Scott Thompson

Instructor Bio | Chief Thompson entered the fire service in 1981. He has been formally practicing leadership and coaching fire officers and firefighters for the last 25 years. Chief Thompson has practiced leadership as an operations officer, training chief, emergency manager, Chief of Department, and Director of Public Safety. Thompson has held a leadership position in 2 volunteer and 5 career fire departments.

Thompson started his paid career assigned to one of the first organized hazardous materials teams in North Texas in 1986. He spent 10 years assigned to busy suburban fire companies, and as a division chief, he responded regionally to fire and rescue events. Thompson responded to the Delta 191 crash, tornadoes, wildland fires, mass casualty incidents, and a mid-rise building explosion. Thompson has been recognized in the region for his command and control practices.

Chief Thompson began his teaching career in 1986 at Collin College. He has taught at the Texas A&M University Fire School since 1996, and has been a hands on instructor (HOT), workshop, and classroom presenter at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) since 2002. Chief Thompson continues to attend training offerings around the country as a hands-on participant.