HAZMAT Rescue in Toronto

By Caroline Leopold     yesterday in World
Toronto – A researcher who was overcome by chemical fumes in his Toronto lab was rescued late last night and is in serious condition.
A researcher was poisoned by chemical fumes was rescued from his downtown Toronto laboratory last night.

According to police Duty Inspector Paul MacIntyre, the man realized he was in danger and dialed 911. “He was asking for medical help, he stated he had been poisoned,” MacIntyre said.

The man was reportedly working alone in the laboratory.

A HAZMAT team that included police, firefighters and EMS crews raced to the 700 Bay Street, the site of the lab. They found the man on the 11th floor.

The man had given an incorrect address when he called, but emergency personnel were able to deduce the correct location.

Firefighters wearing ventilators and protective gear rushed the man out of the building and performed first aid. In television footage of the rescue, the man appeared unconscious. Medical care was rapidly given as the man lay on the sidewalk and then he was transported to the hospital.

The rescued occurred around 10:40 p.m. Thursday. The man is in serious condition at the hospital.

Police do not know what chemical was involved in the incident or how he came in contact with it. Further investigation is needed to understand the chain of events that led to the man being seriously poisoned. MacIntyre said the Ministry of Labour has been contacted about the incident.

Toronto police official Paul MacIntyre made a statement about the chemical accident at the scene to CBC News: