Man Rescued from Chimney in Phoenix

Some enjoy one of the countless fireworks displays going off around the country; others partake in an all you can eat contest.

There are numerous ways Americans celebrate Independence Day on July 4 each year but one 23-year-old saw out the evening stuck in a chimney in Phoenix, Arizona, after responding to a prank in completely the wrong way.

Having been locked out of the house by his friends, the man decided to hit back by climbing back into the building via the chimney. He became stuck, instantly.

The Phoenix Fire Department spent 30 minutes knocking through concrete to get to the man, who was trapped in 32 C heat. The firefighters pulled him out of the tiny space with his legs, eventually releasing the boy who was shirtless and covered in soot. In video from the Fire Department he appears dazed after emerging from the hole and limps away before sitting down to receive treatment.

Local news stations were reporting that the 23-year-old was in a stable condition in hospital.