4 thoughts on “How many lights do you carry?

  1. Push button a must! Xenon or led bulbs are best. Make sure the batteries your light takes are the same size that your f.d. buys for your firehouse:)

  2. I like to wear the vulcan under my pack and over my coat with the release buckle at the sternum area. The light is just below the airpack waist strap that is BUCKLED and not just HANGING!! I like it there so when down on knees it points just out in front. I did at one time carry a chock on my box light held on by tubing.

    I also carry a 90 degree streamlight on chest and UK light on helmet with top push button. I carry a fourth handheld throw down light for the check collector that does not have one. Sorry the batteries are dead.

  3. 1. helmet
    2. top left coat pocket
    3. right pants pocket w/ seatbelt and wire cutters
    4. right angle light on airpack
    5. handlight under jacket
    …for now

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