8 thoughts on “How is your driver dressed at a FIRE?

  1. We have enough manning to not have the driver fully dress out. Coat and hat if it’s in a questionable area. This frees the driver of any non necessary exhaustion from heat exposure(winter not included) among other things. In the rural service I also work at it’s full gear…no back up crews for at leaast 10-15 min!

  2. That is one hansome driver. I think drivers should atleast have bunker pants on!

  3. Ladder 12 C watch driver is bunked out and most times packed out. He does this not for all the scenarios we can foresee, but for all the ones we cant.
    Lt. Averill

  4. everything but SCBA depending on situation…Driver needs to be quick and efficient for whatever unexpextedly presents itself (see above post) however, his main objective is establishing water supply and providing backup line (as the first line goes, so goes the fire)…now that there are three on most engines depending on leave status, then serious consideration for complete PPE…I am hard pressed for all individuals to be inside of a structure (if/when necessary) and no outside Command or control with eyes on the smoke/building conditions outside…there are hundreds of things to consider and decide on…that is why it is highly important to prioritize your seat assignment functions and have a good working chemistry with your crew…”are you thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’ “

  5. At minimum bunker coat and helmet for most calls but if its high rise its full PPE no matter the size of the crew .

  6. I always and I mean always, wore full gear when driving. I wanted to be ready if a chance arose that I could get in on the action and/or be of greater assistance. Why would you not want to be geared up when driving. I wear full gear while driving and SUV. This way, when I get there, I am ready for anything. Amazing how some will wear gear during the winter, but not the summer. They choose based on comfort and not operational efficiency. It’s easier to gear down than gear up.

  7. Our drivers always put their full PPE on while on scene. SCBA is optional depending on the scene at hand. The drivers always have their helements and gloves on when getting the apperatus ready. They don their bunker gear after words to be ready for anything. PPE is a must and evryone should always be ready.
    Saufley Field Sta. 5 B shift.

  8. Full could be utilized until imminent threat within ops is done, then remove it. You have to think of speed and agility of minimal gear as well as endurance.

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