CFT ODP “Ten Spots Left”

The County Fire Tactics Officer Development Program has Ten Spots left and we added a few Unbelievable Speakers. This Officer Development Program will cover what Large Fire Departments cover in their Officer Development Program. We have reached out to numerous large Fire Departments to assist in our direction of offering the highest level of training at a very low cost. This program will cover Leadership & Tactics to include Command & Control of all types of incidents. We will cover personnel/Human Resource issues and understanding Labor Management relationships and how to Lead in an Organization with a Union Contract. All Instructors will speak based on Experience and not theory read out of a book.   More Details at this link.

CFT Officer Development Registration “Ten Spots Left”


Command & Control of Fires & Emergencies requires rapid decision making.  

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Chief Gets Suspended

Better link for voting. You can also pull up full story. Fire Chief & Deputy Chief get suspended for years of using racial slurs and other  derogatory/verbal abuse. The Firefighters have been working in a hostile environment for years. Numerous firefighters have left based on treatment, some with years on the job.


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CFT Officer Development Registration “Ten Spots Left”

CFT Officer Development Program is a 100 Hour Officer Development Program designed for current and future officers that want to excel in the area of Leadership & Tactics for the American Fire Service. This program will be real world and lead by Curt Isakson with some Unbelievable  guest speakers throughout the two month program. Class will be held at Midway Station 37 at 1801 Abercrombie Road, Gulf Breeze, Florida 32563. Class will be once a week on a Monday-Thursday schedule. Class starts at 08:30 and ends by 16:30 with weekly self study/projects. Class Dates: January 5, 11, 17, 23, February 1, 7, 13, 22, 28 with a class graduation on Pensacola Beach.  All attendees that complete the program will receive  a framed CFT ODP certificate and will be the pilots of the first CFT ODP. This will be an annual program held each January and February here in Northwest Florida. Only 30 Spots to allow for good Instructor to student ratio in and out of class.

Cost is $275 for the two month program and includes all printed material. Below is a link to reserve your spot for $50 and attendee can pay the remainder $225 at the start of class. The $50 is non-refundable, but could be used as credit for future CFT sponsored event.

Below is link to register for a $200 one time fee. This is only for the first ten to register and is non-refundable, but could be used towards future CFT sponsored event.

Contact Curt Isakson at for more info.

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