Leadership & Tactics Conference 2020

3-Day Leadership & Tactics Conference

February 4-6, 2020 Pensacola Beach Hilton

Back To School Special Opens Tonight. Registration Will Open Tonight, Sunday, 8/11/2019

Registration will open starting at $199 plus you can bring a friend for $99 for a limited time.

Hotel Rooms Starting at $80 for a double.

For $298 you & a Brother can attend this third annual Leadership & Tactics Conference lead by Curt Isakson with new programs like Embrace The Target: “Achieving your Ultimate Goals”. As well as the all new Command & Control of Fires based on previous fires: The lessons learned. There will also be some unbelievable Guest Speakers.

This Conference is being held at the Pensacola Beach Hilton & Convention Center.

Free Shuttles from the Pensacola Airport and 20% off most restaurants; to include crazy lunch specials. This will be an unbelievable Leadership & Tactics Program.

Regular Price will be $450 and no buddy passes.

Certificates Issued for completion at the end of conference.