CFT ODP “Details”

County Fire Tactics
Officer Development Program
Class 17-001
The CFT Officer Development Program is based on but not limited to NFPA 1021: Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications and based on the job performance requirements that differ than for Firefighter or Driver. This will be the first program of its kind offered in Northwest Florida. Most Fire Departments are not big enough or promote enough individuals within a given year to sponsor/put on this type of program. The CFT ODP is open to all Fire Departments in Northwest Florida and South Alabama to provide training above the standard State Fire Officer Certifications. This program covers Real World Leadership and Tactics to include class projects that utilize real incident scenarios and firehouse challenges. All Instructors will have a minimum of 20 years full time/career experience and speak based on experience and not theory.
Some Topics to be cover
Leadership in the Firehouse and in the Streets
Setting Company/Battalion Expectations “Writing Them Down”
Setting Career Goals and Objectives
Communications within the Ranks and Commanding Incidents
Understanding Yesterdays, Todays, and Tomorrows Fire Service
Fire Behavior based on recent UL and NIST Experiments
Building and Delivering Single and Multi-Company Drills
Counseling for Success “Understanding a Cup of Coffee and Giving Guidance”
Proper Documentation for Fire Reports, Training, Pre-Plans, and Subordinates Annual Evaluation
Review of History “LODDs and Lessons Learned”
Failure Point “How to Determine Burning Building Stability”
Today’s Fire Protection Systems beyond the basics
Leading within a Union Contract “Understanding Labor Laws”
Speakers to include
Bill Gustin, Miami
Ric Kolomay, Chicago
Chris Tobola, Houston
JJ Cassetta, Orlando Shannon Stone, Fort Walton
Curt Isakson, Escambia

A couple of other HUGE SPEAKERS!

Only a few spots left.

Photo by  JJ Cassetta


Officer Development is Critical for the ones that want to go BEYOND the Standard Check in the Box Programs.

CFT ODP “Ten Spots Left”

The County Fire Tactics Officer Development Program has Ten Spots left and we added a few Unbelievable Speakers. This Officer Development Program will cover what Large Fire Departments cover in their Officer Development Program. We have reached out to numerous large Fire Departments to assist in our direction of offering the highest level of training at a very low cost. This program will cover Leadership & Tactics to include Command & Control of all types of incidents. We will cover personnel/Human Resource issues and understanding Labor Management relationships and how to Lead in an Organization with a Union Contract. All Instructors will speak based on Experience and not theory read out of a book.   More Details at this link.

CFT Officer Development Registration “Ten Spots Left”


Command & Control of Fires & Emergencies requires rapid decision making.  

Photo by JJ Cassetta

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Chief Gets Suspended

Better link for voting. You can also pull up full story. Fire Chief & Deputy Chief get suspended for years of using racial slurs and other  derogatory/verbal abuse. The Firefighters have been working in a hostile environment for years. Numerous firefighters have left based on treatment, some with years on the job.


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