Craziest Deal Ever “CFT SCHOOL” February 2021

$199 and Tracks are FREE for a short period. Will be $450 soon and extra for HOT TRACKS. This is for those that pay out of pocket. Rooms will two Queens will start under $100. Will be our biggest conference ever. Massive Hands On Training with New Instructors. CFT bringing in other Training Groups. Will be a Very Diverse Conference. Will be 1,000 Firefighters on Pensacola Beach with vendor show to TOP IT OFF. You will not be disappointed. This conference will have some intense Hands On. Engine, Truck, Rescue, & Chief Operations.

CFT 100 Club “Few Spots”

The CFT 100 Club is like no other training deal. Five Conferences with Five different disciplines for one Crazy Low Price. Awesome Video in link explaining. Will be doing another raffle and giving away one of the CFT 100 Club Spots for sharing this post on Facebook and tagging others. Always tag Curt Isakson to make sure you get entered to win. Copy and paste this link to Facebook on your own post. Tag ten firefighters plus Curt. Greater chance to win for others sharing yours.