Command Officer Boot Camp is still ago for May 12-14, 2020. It’s 8 weeks from today. If for some reason you can’t make it, choose to not attend, you will get full credit to any future CFT Conference. We have reserved spots for all future conferences to allow room for COBC attendees. We realize that some might not be able attend, even if we have it and do not want anyone to worry about losing credit. We have provided full credit since we started doing conferences in 2011. We actually have attendees using credit this year from years ago. Jessica & I operate this as a fire service family. HROC registration was open for a short time, but was closed to evaluate the need for rollover spots. We have also reserved rollover spots for Water On The Fire. Our prayers are with you, your family, our country, and the 🌎 World. We will get through this together under one Nation under God.

Thanks 🙏 Curt Isakson
(850) 393-0581

Reading The Door “Fire Attack”

Please the time & watch Steve Robertson cover Reading The Door

Training Minutes: Reading the Door