Live Tuesday February 11 at Noon Central

Live On Facebook at CF TACTICS Tomorrow at Noon Central from the Airport. It’s Worth The Risk to share the Truth.
We Must Do What’s Expected for the Future of our reputation. This is more than a suspension. It’s a test of what the future holds. Don’t kid yourself. Whoever thought we would be coming of the apparatus without breathing apparatus in 2020. It’s 3:40 to FLASHOVER & were going Backwards. We are losing FIREGROUND COMMANDERS that allow tactical deployment that saves lives & property. It’s Worth The Risk to do your job.

Day 3 HOT Tracks

Leadership & Tactics with Shannon Stone & Todd Edwards in the Big Room 0900

Engine Track with Ray McCormack will meet By Hilton H2O Bar at 0900

Truck Track/Forcible Entry with Mike Ciampo meet by Front Convention overhang by all the Door Props at 0830

RIT & Survival with CFT TEAM starts at 0800 in gear at 0800 on lower deck of parking garage.

Tonight Social at Hooters & Lucas on The boardwalk