Getting Promoted

Chief Mike Terpak will do a PROMOTIONAL PREP CLASS at COBC. If you’re-looking to get promoted to Company Officer or Chief, this is the class for you. He actually wrote the book. He will also cover Church Fires and Strip Mall Fire Strategy & Tactics.

Size-Up, Building Construction, Strategy & Tactics to all be included in this years COBC.

This year’s THEME is Getting Promoted!!

A Few Spots left.

Fear Mongering & the Truth

Fear Mongering & the Truth

I find myself amazed at some of the conversations going around some circles in the fire service. Some mention our risk, how dangerous the modern fire ground is and how we must in the name of our safety change the tactics and techniques that having been saving people’s lives for decades. Well for what it is worth here is my 2 cents.

I do not expect anyone who works for me to be a Kamikaze Pilot or to think they have to engage in suicide mission to earn the title of firefighter. We must be as smart as we are aggressive. If we are going to preach about the new science of fire behavior then we must also use an objective, scientific approach to look at all the data.

I mourn those who lost their lives in the line of duty. I have personally attended some of the funerals and know some of the people in the data set that I am about to discuss. Their loss will have an everlasting impact on their families, & organizations. As sad as the loss on any life is, we must look at those losses in context of the issue.

Statistics from the US Fire Administration report that in the period of January 2008 – December 2017 22 firefighters died in the line of duty while preforming rescue & search operations at structure fires. In a 10 year span on average 2.2 firefighters were killed per year while engaged in rescue & search operations at structure fires. I am at loss for finding the words that describes this number as it relates to the data set without being somewhat disarranging to those who made this sacrifice.

Some people in our profession are raising questions about if it is worth the risk to engage in interior structure firefighting. I am floored by that train of thought and embarrassed to admit that there are fellow chief officers who talk like this. 50,000 people die every year in motor vehicle accidents and no one is asking if it is worth the risk to drive a car. We go to fires wearing three thousand dollars’ worth of bunker gear an $8,000,00 SCBA, with hose lines that can generate 160 gpm flow and with all this we are more worried about our safety then we are about Mrs. Smith who is lying in hallway wearing nothing but a nightgown? Oh by the way in the same period that the 22 firefighters died 11,976 civilians died in structure fires in the US.

All the arm chair scientist are real quick to throw out numbers and recite data to further their agenda. Let me introduce some other pieces of information into the conversation. On his website Chief Curt Isakson reports that 40 civilians were rescued by firefighters form structure fires in the 2 MONTH period from January – February 2019. The number of rescues in a 2 MONTH period is almost double the number of firefighter fatalities in a 10 YEAR period. I will get off my soap box and let the numbers speak for themselves.

My parting words are simple and I think I speak for many chief officers. If you under my command I expect you to always honor and respect the sacrifices made by those who gave their lives in the line of duty. I expect you to be capable and willing to execute your mission in a high risk situation. I expect you to be as smart as you are aggressive, and that these two characteristics are part of your core. I expect you to uphold the traditions of our noble profession, to do the right thing for those we serve, and to always remember that yes. It Is Worth The risk.

By: Chief Dennis Reilly


CFT 100 CLUB Membership

5 Conferences
1 Price $1,000
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1st Conference
CFT ODP & Tactics Put Out Fires
January 13-17, 2020

2nd Conferences
Leadership & Tactics
February 4-6, 2020

3rd Conference
Command Officer Boot Camp “COBC” Spouse Friendly Conference                   May 12-14, 2020

4th Conference
Water On The Fire “WOTF”
August 25-27, 2020

5th Conference
High Rise Operations Conference “HROC”
December 8-10, 2020


Conference Director is Curt Isakson. Link to his Bio

All CFT CLUB Members get reserved seating at all five conferences. A Club member can gift any conference  they can not attend. A FD can send a different person to each of the five conferences Being a CFT CLUB members reserves your seat at all five conferences. This is like buying season seats/tickets to a sports team. Example: An individual or department can purchase a seat and send five different individuals to the five different conferences. All seats will be numbered 1-100 and issued in order of how they are purchased. Price is $1000! That’s an average of $200 per conference and includes the CFT ODP that kicks off 2020. All Conferences held at the Pensacola Beach Hilton and Shuttles from Pensacola Airport.

CFT 100 Club

Each Club Member Spot purchased will secure one of the 100 Club Member Seats at the five CFT Conferences in 2020 on Pensacola Beach. You must assigned a FD Name or Individual Name, but that the same person is not required to fill that seat. Kind of like season tickets to a sports team.


Thanks For All Those Fully Committed to the Fire Service and Becoming a Better Firefighter regardless of Rank.

CFT CLUB Director
Curt Isakson
(850) 393-0581




COBC 2019 May 14-16 On Pensacola Beach

FREE BEER, FREE SHUTTLES, FREE 🏖 Beach Chairs, Free Bikes, Live Music at Night Gulf Side. This is a Huge Spouse Friendly Conference with Spouse Activities. We will have 9 Different Speakers.

Rooms at the Hampton Inn for $145 a night and includes Free Breakfast. The Hampton Inn is next door to the Hilton and it is also Gulf Front Hotel.

Rooms at the Hilton for $159 using group code COM


Some of the speakers

Mike Lombardo
Ray McCormack
Mike Terpak
Frank Viscuso
Todd Edwards
Nick Martin
Eddie Robinson
Mark VonAppen
Shannon Stone
Curt Isakson
Jessica Isakson