CFT ODP 2019 Chief John Norman

CFT ODP 2019 “Spots Going Fast”

Over 200 Already Registered and only 250 Spots. This will be a Strategy & Tactics Class like no other with everything you could imagine in the classroom. Hosebeds, Truck Props, Engine Props, and anything that can inhance the classroom learning. The class will be held in the Grand Ballroom where HROC, COBC, and WOFC is held. Everything that is in the front of thecroom at those conferences will be available during CFT ODP. This class is for firefighters, Officers, and Chiefs.

We RESERVED A BIGGER ROOM AND ADDED SPOTS!!! We now have the biggest room available at the Pensacola Beach Hilton so when it sales out this time there wil not be extra spots added.

Hotel Rooms at Pensacola Beach Hilton for $99 a night for a double. Group Code is CFT (850) 916-2999 Rooms at the Hampton Inn for $85 a night.
Chief John Norman to lead the 2019 CFT ODP and assisted by BC Curt Isakson. All attendees will receive both of Chief Normans books. If the 5th Edition is out in time the attendees will receive it. The Fire Officer Handbook 4th Edition and The Special Operations book. Nearly a $200 value just for the two books . Price is CURRENTLY $550, but goimg to $650. Still Spots available but going FASTER THAN ANYTHING we’ve done so far.
Link below for more information and to registered. Will be SOLD OUT SOON.

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This will be a ONCE IN CAREER OPPORTUNITY!! This is more like a School than a Conference. Only sign up if you’re serious about a week of indepth Strategies, Tactics, & Rescue Training. There will be nightly organized social/networking events.


Only 6 Team Spots Left

Pensacola Beach Firefighters Challenge

The John Wayne of Cowboys!

Larry J  McCormack

Chicago FD Squad 5

Father, Husband, Brother, & Firefighter!

This is the kinda firefighter that firefighters should be looking to  emulate and work towards being like.


Photo by: Tim Olk

The Smile of a Job well done and the Enjoyment of Loving The Best Job on Earth.


Chicago Squad 5 Photo By: Gordon Nord


Cowboys are aggressive yet disciplined. Cowboys aren’t satisfied with “going to fires”.
Cowboys want to put fires out.
It doesn’t matter if its a trash can or a fully involved dwelling. Cowboys plan on going in until told otherwise.
Homeowners love cowboys.
Chiefs love cowboys.
Cowboys love cowboys.
The only people who don’t like cowboys are the people the cowboys are running past.

Above Quote is actually from Capt. Brian minutoli from Baltimore city

Everybody wants to be a cowboy until its high noon and a duel is about to ensue!

Matt Scallan

Everyone want to call themselves a knight and wear the armour….. not many want to joust!

Andrew Brassard


Firefighter Challenge

Pensacola Beach Firefighters Challenge