HROC 2017 Top Sponsor “Rescue Air”

Captain Mike Gagliano and Captain Mike Dugan will teach Out of Air at HROC 2017

Lost, Disoriented and Out of Air

Smoke kills. There is no way to understate the devastating effects of smoke on emergency operations. This is especially true for fires in large structures such as high rise, big box and hospitals. Join Capt. Mike Gagliano (Seattle Fire) for an in depth look at how smoke impacts firefighters and fireground operations in the world of big buildings. We’ll discuss:
• How smoke moves in large structures
• The impacts on victims and responders
• Logistical challenges that hamper air management efforts
• Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems (FARS) and their role in fireground operations
As the building increases in size and complexity, firefighters must prepare for the unique challenges these structures present. Training on the front end is critical to strong operations in large structures as they are very different from our typical bread and butter house fire. This class is a great set of building blocks on which to construct your big building training.


Check out Rescue Air

HROC 2017 Agenda

HROC 2017 agenda will be up no later than next week. If you look at HROC 2015 agenda by searching HROC 2015 agenda at top right of this page, 2017 is pretty close to that.


If you already registered for HROC 2017, do not register for machinery class. You will have a chance to select that track on day 1. All registered attendees will check in on Monday December 11 or Tuesday morning December 12 at the registration desk. All registered attendees will get Conference name tags this year and attendees will be required to wear for admission.

All registered attendees will pick Hands On Track once they arrive


Machinery Rescue Class at HROC 2017

This program will be Day 2 & 3 at HROC 2017 on Pensacola Beach. This is NOT THE MAN M MACHINE class taught by PL Vulcan. This is lead by the Famous Andrew Brassard who is a highly experienced welder and fabricator. He is highly experienced in machinery and builds some of the best props out there. Andrew is a VERY HUMBLE BROTHER who’s focus is primarily on training fellow firefighters in what he has learned Through training and actual responses to significant entrapments of humans in machines built by humans. Along with Andrew, we will have the lengendary Captain Morris “FDNY R1 Retired” and Josh Materi Seattle R1 covering other Heavy Rescue Operations. This is NOT A COPY CAR COURSE, but a course taught by highly trained and experienced firefighters  


16-hr Machinery Rescue Operations Course: Day 2 and 3 of HROC 2017. This is separate from HROC registration and you must register at link below. You can attend HROC lectures on Day 1 or Breakout lecture on Rescue Operations. Class Limited to 40 Students.

(40 students maximum)

Day 1 will be your choice to attend Big Room with HROC Lectures or Breakout room on Heavy Rescue Operations “Lecture”, but you must be registered for the 16 Hour Man N Machine to be in Big Room or break out class on Day 1 and be in this Class. There will be no free/comp spots for this class. The Attendee roster will be exact and a max of 40 students.

Day 2

– Morning lecture reviews case histories, lock-out/tag-out, tool kits, and medical


– Morning rotations cover tool familiarization, torch use, size-up, and lock-


– Lunch break to be determined

– Afternoon rotations cover meat grinder entrapment, hand/finger entrapment, fence impalement & auger entrapment, and real machinery scenarios.

Day 3

– Roller machinery in tight spaces

– Elevated machinery rescue on a rope scenario

– Lunch break to be determined

– Press machinery scenario

– Enhanced meat grinder scenario

Hampton Inn on Pensacola Beach “next door to Hilton’ has rooms for $85 a night with free parking and free breakfast. Anyone flying will get free shuttle from airport on Monday and returned shuttle on Friday. Class limited to 40 Students

Hampton Inn Pensacola Beach (850) 932-6800 “Kelly Eddins is contact”

Link Below to register

Command Officer Boot Camp 2018


Arrive Early Monday to check in Early and enjoy the beach. Airport Shuttles will run late Friday for anyone wanting to enjoy Friday before Flying Home.

The 5th Annual COBC on Pensacola Beach May15-17, 2018 has an unbelievable line up. This is a VERY SPOUSE friendly Leadership & Tactics Conference that your spouse can register for and includes some classes for them. They also get wristband for food, drink, and shopping discounts. They also get to enjoy FREE BEACH CHAIRS and umbrellas all week with paddleboards included. There will also be a soouse breakfast and dinner. We had over 50 spouses last year with great reviews. It’s currently $450 for firefighter registration and only $100 for spouse. We provide FREE AIRPORT SHUTTLE. Rooms at the Hilton Gulf Front on beautiful Pensacola Beach  for $155 a night.

Look below for just some of the Speakers at COBC 2018

Frank Viscuso “Step Up and Lead”

Dave Mcgrail “Denver District Chief”

John Salka “First In, Last Out”

Mike Terpak “Fireground Size-Up”

Mike Lombardo “Buffalo”

Curt Isakson “CF Tactics”

Jessica Isakson “Wife, Mother, 3rd Grade Teacher & Firefighter Supporter”