Water On The Fire Conference “WOFC” Added 30 more Spots

Water On The Fire Conference this August 29 & 30th at the Pensacola Beach Hilton Gulf Front.

We added 30 additional Spots. We will now be in the Big Ballroom at the Pensacola Beach Hilton Gulf Front. Double Queen Rooms at Hilton for $159 a night using Code WOF.  Contact the Pensacola Beach Hilton Direct at (850) 916-2999 Code WOF

Escambia County Fire Rescue

What do you see? Could the catch you off guard?


The First ever Water On The Fire Conference this August 29 & 30 at the Hilton Gulf Front on Pensacola Beach. Conference will start Tuesday Morning August 29 at 0900 and complete at 1600 on Wednesday August 30th. The start and stop time allows for firefighters traveling within four hours or so to only need a hotel for one night. Those flying could fly out Wednesday late afternoon/evening. This conference will cover everything Water/Engine Company Operations. We will cover the most recent UL Studies and how it lines up with yesterday’s fire attack and tomorrow’s fire attack. We will cover hose and nozzle evaluations to include weapon selection. The Big Three of Fire Stream Selection and how important it is for the Interior Fire Attack and the success of going interior. Some case studies/Death On The Nozzle will be reviewed by respectfully covering LODDs that involved the First Arriving Engine and Water On The Fire.



  1. Water On The Fire
  2. Gallons Per Second
  3. Gallons Per Second Test/ Nozzle Flow Evaluation
  4. Death On The Nozzle
  5. Case Studies of Attack Crew LODDs
  6. The First Three Attack Lines at your Bread & Butter Fires
  7. When you need a 2nd Line before the first is operating
  8. Properly Staffing the First Line before stretching a 2nd Line
  9. Booster Attack and the Booster Back-up Attack for Civilian/Firefighter Safety
  10. Maximizing the Hydrant and fully understanding the Full Tap
    Registration Link $100 for both days & Social on the 29th. Less than 30 Spots left
    Science, Experience, and taking it to the streets.



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Curt Isakson

4717 Hickory Shores Blvd

Gulf Breeze Fl 32563

will return with atleast five stickers.

Thanks to all those that sent nice notes, patches, stickers and coins. It’s Greatly Appreciated. We have a couple hundred stickers left to give out.


The Deputy Chief’s Legacy

Excellent Article by my friend Kevin Burns. He is in his last few years and still reads, trains, attends seminars & Conferences, and has fire service mentors/people he looks to for advice. A True Chief/Leader that is looking to be his best for the firefighters he leads. Take the time to click link and read. Excellent Points!