RIP Chief Negedly


You will be dearly missed but never forgotten. I will always remember your instruction on how to do jumping jacks properly. You had such great form and as a Chief the highest level of uniform standards. Thank You for beimg such a Great friend. You truly were a Mentor. The Fire Service loved you and I Loved You. I’m not really sure about next week. I just keep thinking about how excited I was that you and JJ were going to share the King Suite. Was going to be a huge savings with Fire Floor laughs. I was already excepting the tutorial on the top floor of the hilton in proper jumping jack technique. HROC 2016 will be all about remembering you my friend and the good times. I will cherish every dinner, every laugh, & save all the pictures. You were someone very special. I felt special that you were my friend.


HROC 2016 Details

We will be posting short vidros all week.

Free Shuttle from airport to Pensacola Beach is sponsored by HROC & Fire Training Resources. There will be 12 passengers vans sitting just outside baggage claim 3 at the Pensacola Airport. If one is not there, just wait and it will be back shortly. We have a Great Week Lined Up. Socials Each night with 20% off at most of stablishments if wearing the HROC WRISTBAND.

ALL ATTENDEES can pick up Track Selection sheet from front desk at the Hilton on Monday. The earlier you turn this sheet in, the better chance you will get the Track you want. Day 1 and 2 will all be in the BIG ROOM on the firsr floor of Hilton. Captain Bill Gustin will open HROC 2016 at 0800 on Tuesday with a Keynote on being a Lifetime Student of the Fire Service. With over 40 years of experience and still studying this job daily he is the man to deliver this most important message.

Day 3 Track Options

Track 1 Urban Standpipe Operations

Track 2 Suburban/Coastal Standpipe Operations

Track 3 High Rise Firefighting Tactical Options “FDNY STYLE”

Track 4 Firefighter Track “Forcible Entry, RIT, Search, Survival, Hoseline Operations”

Track 5 Command & Control ” No Gear”

Track 6 Hose & Nozzle Operations “No Gear” Good Class for Drivers.

The Day I Will Never Forget!

16 Years of understanding IT’S WORTH THE RISK!  Just a few thoughts from the last 16 Years. The Day that changed me forever and gave me the ability to do what is right.

Maurice taking a blow

Rest in Peace Brother. We will NEVER FORGET. Your sacrifice has trained others.

Video below is a fire from April of 2007 and just shows a little glimpse in today’s Fire Growth.

Flow Meter

What does your nozzle flow? What should be the minimum flow for interior attack? What should be the minimum flow for a 2.5″?


The Fire KILLER when Opened and FLOWING PROPERLY.

HROC 2016 Track 1 Option

We will be posting the different track options over the next two weeks. Below is Track Option 1 that requires full gear, but no airpack. This is what we called the Urban Track the last three years. All Attendees will receive a form once they check in on Monday that will be filled out to confirm you are registered and also allow you to select your track preference. You will put 1st choice, 2nd choice etc. Previous attendees will get first option, but over 90% have gotten their first choice in years past. There will be a Command & Control Track and Hose & Nozzle Track that will not require gear. We will post a lot of info between now and Friday December 2.

Hands On Track 1

Engine Company
Standpipe Operations
Hands on Training

Presented by
Dave McGrail and Associates
McGrail Fire Ops

The engine company standpipe operation is arguably one of the most important functions the engine company will perform. There must be a pre-established standard operating procedure for this low frequency operation, and there must be an ongoing and continuous program of hands on training.

This hands on training program will give attendees a comprehensive understanding of the essential appliances, equipment, and tools necessary for successful standpipe operations. Coupled with the appropriate equipment, attendees will be given a solid foundation of operational procedures that can be utilized for their most frequently encountered fire attack situations in high-rise and other standpipe equipped buildings.

This hands on training program will include:

1. Standpipe Appliances / Equipment: All of the essential standpipe appliances and equipment and its application will be addressed, from the recommended nozzle to the standpipe inline pressure gauge.

2. Standpipe Hose Packs: The recommended size (2 1/2-inch) hose will be addressed, including the most efficient and effective methods, for assembling, storing, transporting, and deploying (stretching) the hose packs. Specifically, the “Denver Hose Pack / Denver Fold” will be taught, utilizing light weight, velcro hose pack straps.
3. Operating and Advancing 2 1/2-inch Hose: Attendees will learn the most efficient methods for handling and operating 2 1/2-inch hose. This will include proper nozzle operation, nozzle mechanics, backup man placement, dealing with friction points, and the use of “hit and move” tactics.

4. The “Apartment Stretch”: Attendees will learn the correct method to quickly and efficiently complete an “Apartment Stretch”, with minimal manpower. This stretch is designed for, and can be utilized for situations where we have control of the door to the fire area, and that door is closed, such as an apartment door in a multiple family dwelling building. This stretch involves stretching the hoseline dry, as far as it is safely possible, typically up to the point of entry to the fire area (closed and controlled door).

5. The “Stairwell Stretch”: Attendees will learn the correct method to quickly and efficiently complete a “Stairwell Stretch”, with minimal manpower. This stretch is designed for, and can be utilized for situations where we have heavy smoke / fire / heat (an IDLH atmosphere) immediately upon exiting the stairwell onto the fire floor; such as a well involved fire area in a commercial building, or heavy smoke / fire / heat in the public hallway of a multiple family dwelling.