High Rise Operations Conference 2016



HROC 2016 will be December 6-8, 2016 on Pensacola Beach. This conference is two days of eight different speakers and a third day of flowing water in an 18 Story Hilton Hotel. The third day will offer five different tracks to include; Firefighter Track, Officer Track, Urban Attack Track, Suburban Attack Track, Command Track. We may add two additional tracks at a later date. This conference will be like the last three years and include most of the past speakers/instructors with the latest up-to-date information. This year we will highlight elevator operations and everything that involves using elevators in HR Buildings. This conference provides FREE Shuttle to and from the Pensacola Airport and on Pensacola Beach during the conference. Attendees do not need a vehicle and do not need to bring air pack. Air packs provided. There will be discounted food and FREE BEER nightly. Check in will start at noon on Monday December 5 with first come, first serve on track selection. Previous attendees will get FIRST PICK on track selection.

The Pensacola Beach Hilton Gulf Front will have rooms for under $99 starting May 1.

Current Cost is $275 and will go to $450

Link Below to Register. Don’t Wait !   The price will go up and it will also SELL OUT!!!




COBC & Engine & Truck Attendees

Sorry for delay on information or replies to emails. We have a lot going on here at CFT.

We will post all infirmation necessary for your trip to Pensacola Beach on May 3.

Both COBC & the E&T School will be held at the Pensacola Beach Hilton.

Please comment below with any questions or if you need the free shuttle from airport.

Attendees will be able to check in on Monday afternoon May 9.

Comment below with questions.