Command Officer Boot Camp 2015

Casino Bar & Grill is the host Restaurant & Bar for the week with 20% off and Great drink specials.

Check in will start at 0800 on Tuesday morning in the lobby of the Hampton Inn on Pensacola Beach. COBC will be in the Deluna Hall first floor of the Hampton Inn.

Class will be 08:30-16:30 hours Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday.

Large Firefighter Gathering Wednesday evening at Hemingway’s from 16:30-2100 hours with $1 Fish Tacos and $4 Mojitos. “All Firefighters and family members invited regardless if your attending COBC” This is also a celebration for the 15 New Firefighters hired in Escambia County and the 4 Newly Promoted Lieutenants. Looking to have over 200 Firefighters in attendance. Bring swim shorts and a towel for the kids.

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Gallons Per Second Seminar

Engine Company Opertions “Gallons Per Second” Seminar – Oswego, IL


Engine Compay Operations “Gallons Per Second” Seminar

Presented By

Battalion Chief Curt Isakson, Escambia County (FL) Fire/Rescue



Date: May 28, 2015

Time: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Location: Oswego Fire District, 3511 Woolley Rd., Oswego, IL 60543

Investment: $99.00 prior to April 24th, $125 after. (Coffee & Donuts and Lunch provided)


The focus is on exceeding fire flow needs and still managing water during the crucial initial hoseline advancement in an interior offensive attack. Learn why it is necessary to think in terms of gallons per second at this time. Strategies are presented for managing the booster tank supply until sustainable water supply has been established. The class is especially relevant for engine companies that commonly engage with the booster tank and deploy suburban tactics. All aspects of first-due fire tactics at your most common structural fires and how to quickly and effectively suppress them are covered.

More info and to register at link below


The Cultural Divide “HROC 2015”

The Cultural Divide
“It’s Worth The Risk”

Chief Isakson will deliver a motivational speech on how history proves that AGGRESSIVE INTERIOR operations saves more civilian lives than firefighter lives lost. Civilians are being saved 1,000 plus to 1 because of a culture of risking our LIVES to save theirs. This Cultural Divide must be neutralized for the long standing support of the citizens we swore to protect. The American Fire Service must understand our culture is the foundation of how were viewed by fellow Americans. The Fire Service is the insurance company for so many that can not afford it and what they have is not insured. Property still counts and it can not always be replaced. You will not want to miss this inspirational speech on it’s worth the RISK!

Harlem Rescue

Know Your Flow

It’s Critical to Know Your
Flow. You must pick a hose and nozzle that fits your department.

I personally like the 7/8 for 3 and 4 person Engine Companies that primarily fight house fires. The 7/8 gets you 150 GPM, with 60+ feet of reach, at only 60 lbs of nozzle reaction. When you think in terms of Gallons Per Second and the nozzle flowing 2.5 GPS and your able to Flow as you go; this is putting more water on the FIRE/in the building, than 185 or 3 GPS, if the nozzle firefighter has to gate/shut down frequently. To really test what works and how much water you can throw; you need to use a flow meter and track the flow while an attack crew pushes into the drill


REALISTIC Attack evaluation for a REALISTIC F I R E!!!

Till next time FLOW WATER



Three Options


150 GPM on Residential

300 GPM on Commercial Interior

600 GPM for Master Stream Operations

The 7/8, 1 3/16, 1.5″ tip. Three Flow Options for simplification of Water On The Fire!!!

Fire Stream Factors

1. Desired Amount “GPM”
2. Desired Location/Stream Reach
3. Desired Nozzle Reaction/Nozzle mobility.

County Fire Tactics “Hands On Training”

County Fire Tactics
At the Atlanta Fire Conference.
MAFFC 2015 Hands on Classes
Class Format: Hands on Training

More info at

Class Description:

This 8 hour hands on class will cover both engine and truck tactics required at your typical house fire. All students will force a door, vent a roof, take a window, conduct an interior search under smoke conditions, perform VES with ground ladders, and make a victim removal. Students will also complete a downed firefighter scenario, including packaging and removal. Engine operations, including stretching, advancing, and flowing hose lines will be practiced. This includes 1 ¾”, 2”, and 2 ½” hose lines. Understanding and making the proper WEAPON SELECTION for today’s fire ground will be stressed. This is a FAST PACED hands on class, for firefighters who want to challenge their fire ground fitness, and want to keep working with very little idle time. The instructor to student ratio will be 1:5 with additional support personnel to allow for rapid movement of the class through six rotations in full bunker gear.

Instructor(s): Curt Isakson, Jim Smith (Squad 41 FDNY), Ray McCormack (L28 FDNY), Jason Martino (Palm Beach County), Shannon Stone (Battalion 6 Fort Walton Beach), The ESCAMBIA BOYS